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by Jakina Ado

rare form.


i am in the rarest form i have ever felt or been in a very long time. feeling equipped to take on and adapt to anything as a woman in charge of all that she desires and will put her mind to.

i know that upcoming spiritual, education &workforce journeying will be impactful on my life. while friendships &new love-relationship will be equal and safe. &will include a confident, more aware &involved dana.

prophesying because i feel it in my bones &have felt so much more love around& within me.


Maybe my favorite in the show #flyboy #Chicago #art


Maybe my favorite in the show #flyboy #Chicago #art


shot by Mambu Bayoh

Instagram :: MambuB

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moving back home.


Not many people know this, and I don’t usually share it, but I am at a place to finally share this on a public platform. I believe in story telling, and I also started this blog as a way to be accountable to myself as a writer. I also hope that if someone is going through a difficult time, in the…


Chelsea March  - “Outward expression is one of my most favorite methods of worship. Fashion & blogging are an extension of me & all of it is an extension of what God is doing in my life. I love being able to create visual art, style & conceptualize. I thank God everyday for the gift of vision He’s given me in terms of art & fashion”

An ongoing Portrait project with c3brooklyn.

by Emmanuel Afolabi.